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Handy Setup to Helium Network

The People’s Network is powered by an entirely new incentive model made possible by the Helium Blockchain and LongFiTM Technologies.

Helium Network creatively provides a scalable method for a LoRa-based network, develops the mechanism, and lays the foundation of The People’s Network, which is a milestone for long-range, low-power IoT applications.

With this unique incentive model, The People’s Network has become the infrastructure to foster more diverse IoT applications, over 70,000 Helium Hotspots have been deployed to 7,000+ cities.

As one of the miner hotspots certified by DeWi (The Decentralized Wireless Alliance), SenseCAP M1 enables you to mine cryptocurrency HNT while providing LoRaWAN network coverage.

Hardware Solutions

As a LoRaWAN gateway with powerful and stable performance, SenseCAP M1 is based on Raspberry Pi 4 (2G/4G/8G RAM) and embedded with a WM1302/WM1303 (Semtech SX1302/SX1303) LoRa concentrator, featuring miles of wide range of coverage and low-power consumption just as the electricity consumption of an ordinary light bulb.

How do I earn HNT?


Hotspots on the network are randomly and automatically assigned Proof-of-Coverage tests to complete. Passing and witnessing tests earns HNT.

Relay Device Data

Hotspots earn HNT for transferring device data over the network. The more device data a Hotspot transfers, the more it earns.

Consensus Groups

Trusted Hotspots are randomly elected to Consensus Groups, earning HNT by validating transactions and adding blocks to the blockchain.


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